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The true measure of greatness is the difference
it made to people's lives.

By far the largest number of entrepreneurial giants had one thing in common: wanting to make a difference to others, through the product or service they provided.

This is business empathy and is the very heart of the Contribution Accounting Methodology.

Whether you want to be a one person venture, an Ian Fuhr or Elon Musk....

inclusive Contribution Accounting can be a critical component of that quest.

The low cost training programmes in particular bring an important element of CAM within the reach of small business and involving employees in the enterprise

"I will build a car for the great multitude"

Henry Ford.

"I will make a computer system accessible to the masses".

Bill Gates.

"To change the course of humanity."

Elon Musk. (Tribute to)

"I will protect the consumer against exploitation".

Raymond Ackerman.

"It's about people serving people".

Ian Fuhr.

I do not say this lightly…….. but my life and the Sorbet Story may well have been very different if it wasn’t for those truly powerful messages you gave me about, “people, service and wealth” all those years ago.” 


Ian Fuhr: Founder Sorbet

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